Certified Online Workshop

"Re-Opening for Business after
Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control"

What will this Certified Online Workshop provide for you

Whether you are a Part-time Therapist working from home, or a Therapist working from Commercial Premises this course will help you get back in business.

Is this for you?

Whether you see Clients from a room in your home, part-time, or full time from commercial premises, or something in between, this Workshop is designed with you in mind.

Re-opening after Covid-19 is a big challenge, with many considerations. This workshop will guide you smoothly through that process. 
  Step by Step Guidance
  Piece of Mind for the Therapist
  Confidence for the Client
  Policy Statement Template Pdf & Docx 
  Risk Assessment Guide
  Evaluation Checklist
  Comprehensive 52 page Pdf Manual
  Certificate on Completion

Buy Now and get your Comprehensive 52 page Pdf Workshop Manual, Risk Assessment Guide, Evaluation Checklist and your Infection Prevention and Control Policy Template downloads immediately.

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Re-Opening for Business after Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control WORKSHOP - Download

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Reopen your therapy practice safely and effectively...

This Certified Online Workshop and the step by step approach given will provide you with the confidence you need to reopen your therapy practice safely and effectively.